Orlando Magic forward former St. Johns standout Moe Harkless

On adjusting to life in the NBA:
"Not getting consistent minutes is probably the toughest part of the transition. You go from being THE guy on the team to just another guy on the team trying to find a role and identity.
You have to be ready whenever your coach calls your number. You have to do all the little things because that's what's going to get you on the floor early in your career."
On handling that inconsistency:
"I've been through games where I haven't played at all, some I've played 10 minutes, some I've started and last night I played 34 minutes. It's real inconsistent. You always have to be ready because you never know when a guy is going to get hurt. You have to be ready to play whenever."
On if he ever thinks he left for the NBA too early:
"No. You always look back and think 'what if I had come back or waited another year," but I think I made the right decision. I'm in a good position right now. With hard work I can keep getting better and definitely have a good career."
On if he has been following St. John's during the season:
"I watch pretty much every game that I can. I watch on my iPad or on TV. I've seen pretty much every game. They are getting better. Sometimes I sit there and face palm [out of frustration], but they have gotten better every game. They've won four straight and guys keep playing better. The best days for them are yet to come."
On what he thinks of D'Angelo Harrison's play so far this season:
"He's done a great job of being a leader. He's doing a great job scoring and doing everything the team needs. I expected that from him though. I'm real proud of him."
On his impression of JaKarr Sampson's NBA prospects:
"He definitely has the tools to play on the next level. He just needs to keep working and developing. He's still a little raw, but I definitely think he'll be able to play at the next level. I don't know how soon."
On his reaction to being traded after the draft:
"I was surprised. I didn't get angry or anything like that. I feel there is a lot more opportunity in Orlando. It's a better situation there and things are working out."
On when he started thinking he would make the jump to the NBA:
"I never really thought about it during the season. I was focused on playing each game. People kept asking me about it and it crossed my mind a few times, but at the end of the season that's when it really started to set in."
On what his teammates would tell him about leaving for the NBA:
"Everyday those guys would talk to me about it. They were telling me to leave during the season. Those guys were behind me. The conversation really took off after the Duke game."
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