November 30, 2013

Recruitment Update: Keyshawn Woods

The Charlotte 49ers have started off the season in dramatic fashion so far and are hoping to have a strong season, as far as head coach Alan Major.

But, the head coach and coaching staff have to be excited about the new recruits in the class of 2014, as they signed their National Letter of Intent last week for the 49ers.

Niner Report was able to catch up with the 6'4" shooting guard from Northside Christian Academy, Keyshawn Woods, as he was able to break down his start of the season and discussing what he expects when coming to Charlotte, after he signed his NLI last week for the 49ers.

Here is what he had to say in a recent interview.

With your senior season starting, what has been your focus coming into this season?

My main focus is doing whatever it takes to win for my team and to get my teammates better. Also, preparing myself for college.

What have you been working on so far this season or in the off-season to better prepare yourself for your last season and coming into college?

I have been working on being more aggressive and always being in attack mode. Working on extending my range and work on my post moves.

Have you been able to watch the early part of the season for the 49ers? What are your thoughts so far and what have you and Dorn been talking about coming in next year?

I haven't got to see them play yet because of school and my season but I been keeping up with them (so far this season).

(Torin) Dorn and I keep in contact a lot. We talk about just getting better from this point forward to try and help them 49ers win and compete.

What are your feelings now that you have officially signed your NLI to the 49ers?

It feels great that I have officially signed and that the stress is over. Now I get to work on getting better and be with my high school team, without worrying about if I performed well enough in front of coaches.

How do you think you will fit in when you come to Charlotte and what have the coaches been talking to you about, where they see you at and how you can help early on? Do the coaches keep in contact with you pretty often?

I think I will fit in well with the team. They just say they want to play me as a guard and come ready to work and better confident. I talk to the coaching staff every week, at least one of the staff members (every week) but mostly all of them.

Lastly, what are your goals for this coming senior year? Both as a team and individually.

Our team goals this year is just sticking together and not letting anything come between our team so we can have a successful year and get better in the process. My individual goals are just keep getting stronger in the weight room, staying aggressive, and preparing myself as much as possible for college.

Woods and Northside Christian Academy have started their season in fashion, with a 118-41 win against Hickory Grove Christian.

Northside Christian Academy is coming off a 32-2 record last season and winning the State Championship. Now Woods and company are on a mission to finish what they started, as Woods would love to finish his high school career with another championship for the Knights.

Right now, the 49ers have three at the shooting guard position in Terrence Williams, Shawn Lester, and Ivan Benkovic, with Williams and Lester being the main two names for Charlotte that are posting great numbers early in the season.

But Woods has developed a great relationship with his coaches, as he said earlier in the year, talking about his commitment.

"I love the fact that not only do I just talk to my [main] recruiter, Coach [Ryan] Odom, I talk to the whole coaching staff," Woods said. "I can really sit down and have a conversation with everybody and sometimes you cannot say that about most schools. I can talk to all of them about anything on a personal level. When I know I can talk to a whole staff about having troubles at home, they're the right fit for me."

Woods however, provides scoring ability at the guard position and should seek some playing time coming into his freshman season. Woods is a proven winner and really tries to work on his overall game, while providing a great motor and energy for the 49ers.

No matter what though, the 49ers were able to keep a Charlotte native and local ball player in Charlotte and someone that will be a true factor throughout his career at UNCC.

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