May 9, 2007

DeaconsIllustrated: Rivals Top 150 Wake Targets

After receiving the wonderful news that Ty Walker has flown up the charts to number eight in the recent Rivals Top 150, DeaconsIllustrated wanted to examine the rest of the top Wake targets and where they fall in the new rankings.

The eight players currently fielding Wake interest are Tyler Zeller (#16), Dante Anderson (#49), Jarrett Mann (#53), Luke Loucks (#73), Draymond Green (#79), Catalin Baciu (#87), Victor Davila (#94), and Carter McMasters (#134). Something important to remember is that Rivals bases their recruiting off pro potential more than current level of play. A recruit like Ty Walker with all the potential in the world will rank well among the Rivals experts while others may not fair as well and still be solid college players.

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